Time is Money

"Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Aviation is like buying several extra hours during that day. The faster you get to your destination, the faster you will close the sale and move on to the next one. Aviation IS expensive if your time is worth nothing. Aviation IS cost effective if your time is worth everything."

Bradley E. Pierce, President / Principal

Corporate Profile

Pierce Aviation, Inc. and Palladium Air, LLC handle corporate aircraft ownership and management under part 91 of the FAA regulations. The name "Palladium" comes from the word describing the statue of Pallas Athena (the one upon which the safety of Troy depended). The word "Palladium" has come to describe anything that provides safety and protection. Safety remains paramount to every airplane mission conducted.

Contact Info

2413 N Forsyth Road, Orlando, FL 32807, USA

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Phone: (407) 679-9004
Website: www.PierceAviation.com